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Printed materials that capture a recipient’s attention with enhanced effects that go beyond four color printing are becoming easier to produce. Enhanced printing techniques such as high-gloss varnishes, spot colors from fluorescent yellow to gold metallic, and foil stamping are used in many printed applications from direct mail to pocket folders. In fact, recent research from InfoTrends (a division of Keypoint Intelligence) indicates that nearly 30% of all printed applications have some type of print enhancement. These enhancements, which have historically been costly and printed in large quantities, are often found in printed items promoting luxury brands/products.

Technological innovations create new opportunities for designers and marketers in terms of how these special effects can be used in their printed communications. The ability to create more types of special effects on digital printing devices is fueling use among marketers and print buyers. In the past, including special enhancements in print required the purchase of large quantities to help offset the cost. Today, special effects such as high-gloss coatings, embossing/textures, metallic and white printing can be printed in quantities as few as one and affordably incorporated into personalized print marketing campaigns, test/pilot direct mail campaigns, short run promotional signs, business cards, greeting cards/invitations, menus, and versioned marketing collateral.

These digitally printed special effects and enhancements can really improve response rates to printed materials, and it’s exciting to see how clients are reacting to them. According to InfoTrends’ research, many print buyers immediately recognize the benefits of using these enhancements for personalized or versioned print. The top drivers for using special effects—specifically metallic printing—were to draw attention to the piece, to differentiate from other brands, and to improve print quality.

Tukaiz has printed a number of compelling products for its customers using these technologies, and there is no denying that special effects can add a great deal of value. Seeing is believing, so you really need to experience these special effects for yourself to understand how they can make each product unique and special. Combining the benefits of special effects with the benefits of digital printing—on-demand production, personalization, and/or versioning—has never been easier or more exciting. Don’t be shy about designing with special effects in your next campaign—send us your ideas so we can make you a believer too! Contact us today for more information or to request samples.