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GlobalShop 2018. Did you attend the show held in Chicago last month? We find that most marketers did. GlobalShop focuses on innovation and ideation solutions for retail businesses.

Whether you attended as an exhibitor or marketer of products and brands, there’s something for everyone. It touches all in unique ways. Each year the show provides the roadmap to some of the most current technologies available. The event showcases how those technologies impact and reinforce not only those in the field of marketing, but ultimately the end consumer.

Both software and hardware alike keep evolving, becoming more robust and efficient. Backstage, our proprietary online marketing management software platform, integrated with our production services and logistic offerings, created an exciting level of interest at our booth…from current clients and newly interested parties alike.  Backstage was well received by many who recognized its potential and simplicity in comparison to other software products in the marketplace and at the show.

We’re a family business large enough to produce and deliver projects for numerous household name brands, yet have the ability to remain intimate with our clients and give them the respect and support they deserve. For all the advancements in the trade, we find that this simple core concept is often missed in today’s world.

To keep moving forward and succeed, our industry will continue to seek and develop new ways of delivering messaging at retail, for shopper marketing, brand awareness and ultimately with consumers. This constant desire to improve is in all of us, and it surely was evident at this year’s GlobalShop.

The GlobalShop experience is exciting and reinvigorating to the point where it’s even been said that people feel like a “kid in a candy store” while at the show. It’s that enthusiastic feeling of endless possibilities that we deliver in the work we produce. How do we create the kid in a candy store feel for brands and consumers…just ask us!


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