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All organizations seek to maximize the results of their marketing messages. In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, we now have a wider variety of digital and traditional media types to choose from than ever before. Thanks to ongoing technological innovations, marketers have many tools to choose from to improve their multimedia communication investments. Customers that are engaging with digital media are giving marketers access to insights that can be leveraged to learn more about customers and thus improve communications; delivering more timely and relevant offers. What most organizations have yet to implement, is an efficient way to couple hyper-local digital strategies with traditional mediums to create a 360-degree experience for consumers.

Hyper-local marketing that combines print and digital media offers many benefits to distributed organizations, including franchises and chain businesses. By creating multi-channel campaigns with highly targeted, and localized messaging that supports digital and social efforts, local stores and restaurants are empowered with programs that dramatically impact their marketing ROI! That said, organizations often struggle to with how to offer such support to their local stores and restaurants while ensuring consistency and cost efficiencies in a scalable manner.

Like many things in marketing today, the solution can be found by leveraging technology. In this case, our proprietary marketing management and automated workflow systems, called Backstage by Tukaiz provides the perfect solution to distributed brands. Leveraging technology to drive hundreds of local marketing templates, franchisees or store managers can quickly build traditional marketing tactics that support localized and personalized digital offers within several minutes. These materials are received in stores within days of ordering, proven to empower local stores and restaurants the ability to implement highly effective hyper-local marketing.

In addition, by taking advantage of marketing management tools like Backstage, marketers also experience the following benefits:

  • Brand Consistency: You control your brand, while empowering localization through highly complex or simple templates.
  • Customized Content: Allows remote locations, field representatives, or franchisees to customize marketing collateral to match their specific target audience, promotional offers, and/or location information.
  • Digital Asset Management: Keeps marketing collateral and digital assets in one place, making it easier to manage your brand.
  • Control of Time: Save time by streamlining and centralizing your ordering process via a custom branded web-to-print portal that is available at your fingertips 24/7.
  • Measurement, Metrics, and Budget Control: A systematic approach for measuring collateral utilization to understand field requirements and the overall value of specific content. Specific budgets can be created for each office or franchise to ensure that budget constraints are met.
  • Inventory Control: Makes it easier to keep track of stored materials and reprint as needed.

Combining digital media with printed communications to pursue hyperlocal marketing is a solid tactic for improving marketing communication investments. Leveraging leading marketing management software, such as Tukaiz’s proprietary Backstage, enables the creation and distribution of highly customized traditional marketing communications in an extremely efficient and cost-effective manner.