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Mobile and web development have been increasing in their capabilities steadily every year. As new technologies are continually being created, it’s important to stay on top of the trends that are becoming more relevant. It’s going to be a very science-fiction type of year, and these are the 6 things we think will make the biggest splashes for 2019.

1. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things involves having products connected and “speaking” to each other. For example, you can have a refrigerator that monitors the amount of milk you have and, when running low, will order you a fresh gallon. Appliances can work together through software that connects them and will allow you to control them via your phone or through voice commands. As the year goes on, you’ll see more and more smart technologies being released and implemented into everyday products, making everything more accessible and, strangely enough, easier to use than ever before. This year will be a big era for smart appliances and a bigger use of IoT.

2. Augmented Reality

AR became relevant when Pokémon Go was first released in 2016. Since then, there has been an explosion of its use. Brands have created digital experiences that people can interact with from their homes. For example, IKEA created an app that lets you see what furniture would look like in your place. A person can shop from their couch and immediately see what coffee table would compliment the love seat they’re in without having to get up! Look for more brands implementing AR into their marketing in the upcoming year. We’ve also recently posted an article about AR in a previous Tuesdays With Tukaiz article if you’re interested in further reading!

3. Blockchain

Blockchain, a system of algorithms and records that is the foundation for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is being used for more than just digital cash. With more companies adopting this technology, blockchain will change how brands and consumers interact, allowing for safer and easier transactions across the board. Walmart will be implementing Bitcoin’s underlying tech into the farm-to-market-monitoring of vegetables and other produce, while some firms on Wall Street are rolling out programs to help make stock trading more secure (e.g., Bakkt, Fidelity). 2019 is the year blockchain becomes your dad’s tech.

4. Mobile First

3.7 billion people do their browsing on their smartphones. With Internet speeds becoming faster, 5G around the corner, and better phones coming out, that number is only going to increase. If your content doesn’t look good on a mobile device, you won’t be able to bring consumers in and engage with your company as effectively. Follow the principles of responsive web design so that, whatever size screen a person uses, your website and content looks great, whether on a massive desktop monitor or a palm-fitting iPhone 5c. Examples of great mobile websites can be found here.

5. Faster Loading Times / Single-Page / AMP

In the same vein as Mobile First, 40% of people give up on websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Having a shorter loading time will make sure people are at least seeing your website. There are several ways to accomplish this, ranging from single-page (examples) to AMP. Whatever method you choose, keep in mind that Google now ranks websites on speed among other criteria. So, this year will call for some rebuilding or maintenance across the web to stay competitive.

6. Chat-bots With Artificial Intelligence

AI has seen some big leaps forward with self-driving cars, AI-infused air conditioners, and, with wide adoption, chat-bots. Brands are using chat-bots to create a less expensive customer service option. They also have built opportunities to interact with characters or offer solutions in aspects outside of product-related issues, such as recommending books on Facebook Messenger or Starbucks’ Barista. As AI becomes more advanced, you’ll start to notice less and less whether you’re talking to another person online, or a high-functioning chat-bot.

2019 will move even faster than last year in its technological advancements, as we see 5G begin its rollout, self-driving cars getting the kinks out, and humanity’s continued exposure to the digital world merging with the physical. Tukaiz will be prepared for the rising advances, as our world quickly becomes less like the Flintstones and more like the Jetsons; make sure you are, too.

Have a wonderful 2019 everyone!