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We move your product into the marketplace


What we do

Our fulfillment services complete the process with over 120,000 square feet of bindery, warehouse and finishing centers. With the latest in automated and digital finishing equipment, we can efficiently and expeditiously move your product into the marketplace.

We provide pick-and-pack, kit packing, and unique delivery and fulfillment options. Our fulfillment team is skilled and experienced in working with complete spreadsheets and kit matrices. Tukaiz has a group of kit-packing / fulfillment team leaders that develop a client-specific workflow and monitor team members. In addition, Tukaiz offers a wide range of inventory management and warehousing services that optimize efficiency through barcode technology. All of our warehousing areas are climate controlled and secured areas are available.

Case studies

Bindery and fulfillment services:

    • Full bindery for all finishing needs
    • Intelligent inserting
    • Inventory
    • Kit-packing
    • Fulfillment, distribution and inventory management

For more information on how we can support your marketing production needs, please contact our team.

Advertising & Creative

Boutique agency with a unique ability to provide strategy through implementation of digital and traditional marketing.

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Software Development

Industry-leading software development shop specializing in custom software and data application solutions.

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Print Production

Robust variety of output devices allows for complete flexibility to maximize efficiencies without sacrificing quality.

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Inventory & Fulfillment

100,000+ square-foot full bindery, warehouse & shipping center expedites moving your product into the marketplace.

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