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With heavy focus on user experience, Tukaiz collaborates with CareerBuilder to develop world-class creative, strategic branding and API support for numerous career sites.


Utilizing user experience best practices and extensive jobseekers research, Tukaiz collaborates with CareerBuilder to aid in the launch of their newest venture, Career Sites. By applying CareerBuilder’s HR software, Tukaiz assists in the creation and execution of an intuitive job search process that understands the jobseekers’ priorities, and tailors their experience to effectively attract and retain top talent.

With targeted marketing research and client specific branding, Tukaiz and CareerBuilder offer candidates a robust tool that allows the user to search and apply for jobs, learn more about a specific company, and even join an organization’s Talent Network. All of these elements combined create a unique user experience and ultimately has proven to close with the candidate applying for a job position.

Tukaiz’ leading web expertise allows us to provide the following interactive and creative assets to each of our clients:

Agency Services:

  • Interactive & Brand Specific Design
  • Mobile Responsive Websites
  • Website Design & Development

Software Services:

  • User Experience Best Practices
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Content Management Systems