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Developed a marketing management software platform and production process, allowing Frito-Lay to maximize their Regional marketing dollars and efforts


Tukaiz has built a proprietary online marketing management system and production process for Frito-Lay, that serves as a convenient and centralized system for regional marketing members and agency teams to manage and order custom POP/POS materials. This platform helps to sustain brand consistency, provide increasingly relevant messaging and targeted marketing communications to support Frito-Lay within each of their marketing initiatives.

Our print-on-demand system for Frito-Lay not only helps to reduce cost, but the print production process put in place eliminates production inefficiencies, with a convenient and easy online ordering process, ultimately increasing speed to market. Our in-house creative team, agenz, has a strong understanding of the Frito-Lay brand, and is also a resource for supplementing Regional marketing campaigns and programs.

With our marketing management platform, our clients can…


  • Spending
  • Site usage
  • Order status
  • inventory levels


  • ROI
  • Demand by product
  • Location
  • Campaign
  • Product seasonality


  • Effectiveness of creative by campaign
  • Messaging