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Family Focused – Customer Centric – Technology Driven


About Us

Founded in 1963, Tukaiz is a family-owned and operated marketing services production company. Comprised of four key divisions, cohesively integrated to create a single-source marketing partner offering end-to-end products and services that span from creative, software development, print production output and final fulfillment delivered to any destination in the world.

We have created a business model that gives our clients complete flexibility. Our robust infrastructure gives our clients access to any or all of our service offerings which help streamline their budgets, gain measurable cost efficiencies and increase speed to market.

Tukaiz is a passionate marketing partner focused on solving problems for small to large national organizations through centralized, relevant, and technology-driven solutions.

Tukaiz is centrally located in the Chicagoland area with over 250,000 square feet and nearly 200 employees.

  • We dramatically improve speed to market
  • We enhance organizations’ abilities to implement relevant and timely communications
  • We provide production efficiencies that reduce costs and help businesses remain competitive

“We listen to the needs of our clients, visualize the result, and work together while progressively embracing trust and collaboration to produce and deliver a product that is compelling, tangible and meaningful.”

– Managing Director

What’s with the name?

This is a question we are often asked. Tukaiz, pronounced “two-kays,” was the name of the six-month-old, two-person company purchased by Frank Defino, Sr. and Mike Vitallo in 1963.

The original owners were a father and son team, both with the last name Kirchner. The company name was a play on words of Kirchner and Kirchner, two Ks, spelled out as Tukaiz. Frank and Mike decided to keep the name, because they hoped to one day work alongside their children. Mike retired in 1997. Today, Frank’s dream is a reality with his three sons and son-in-law working alongside him as his business partners in their successful family owned and operated business.

Advertising & Creative

Boutique agency with a unique ability to provide strategy through implementation of digital and traditional marketing.

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Software Development

Industry-leading software development shop specializing in custom software and data application solutions.

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Print Production

Robust variety of output devices allows for complete flexibility to maximize efficiencies without sacrificing quality.

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Inventory & Fulfillment

100,000+ square-foot full bindery, warehouse & shipping center expedites moving your product into the marketplace.

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